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Zoomble Track Light

Zoomble Track Light

Zoomble 15°- 55°
15-35W with Tridonic driver!

With track adapter,direct,rotation symmetrical,
Beam angle adjustable from 10° to 55°,
CITIZEN COB, 3300lm,3000K,CRI>80,TRIDONIC Converter,
Total Power :35W
Track spotlight,Luminaire Housing is Die-casting Aluminium,Optical system: reflector optics,Acrylic,can be rotated,tilt,direct
Housing Color: White or Black


IR Sensor LED flood lights IP65

IR Sensor LED flood light...

Once you install an LED flood light, you do not have to worry about replacement for a very long time. These lights also do not die abruptly when they near the end of their lifespan. They dim gradually; giving you ample warning that it is time to replace t

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50W Osram LED flood lights IP65

50W Osram LED flood light...

50W Small, thin and very bright outdoor LED flood lights are a great choice for gardens, playing fields while a sports event is being held during low light conditions. They can also be a outdoor security lightings IP65

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100W Perfect waterproof LED flood lights IP65

100W Perfect waterproof L...

1OOW Flood lights will spread an even illumination across an area with no shadows. Quite often called base lighting. Stores, factories, office buildings and public spaces will use lots of lights to blanket an area.

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150W  LED flood lights IP65

150W LED flood lights IP...

150W LED flood lights are impervious to temperature fluctuations and environmental conditions. Unlike some other lights, LEDs remain stable and functional even in freezing conditions. This makes them all the more ideal for cold warehouses and storage area

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